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Chest Protector Lite Pro (Sold Out)
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  Transworld MX Chestprotector of the Year !!

Leatt’s extra light version of our top of the line

chest protector. The new 2013 Chest Protector

PRO Lite has been designed to integrate perfectly with all Leatt neck braces although it works

equally well without a neck brace. Exclusive BraceOn™ elastic strap system attaches the protector

to the Leatt® brace yet provides independent movement of body, brace and chest protector. The

stand out features of this product is the extremely high levels of impact protection, both front and

back, by using Leatt’s 3DF foam. The Chest Protector PRO Lite absorbs so much impact that it

passes the two highest levels of CE impact safety standards. All that protection and this is still

one of the lightest, best fitting protectors ever made. Want a chest protector? Buy one that is

actually proven to protect!

• The back of protector meets the highest impact CE approval, CE EN 1621-2, Level 2

• Chest protector impact tested and CE certified to prEN 1621-3 level 2

• Extremely high impact testing results achieved by use of Leatt’s new 3DF foam in front and back

• Unbelievably light for all that protection at only 2.2 pounds (995 grams)

• Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use

• Made with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) hard shell outer shield and washable biofoam

• 17 front and rear venting slots help keep rider cool helps keep rider cool

• Simple hook and loop adjusters allow for different length both front and back for personalized fit

• Front and rear removable plates allow brace

to fit close to body

• Adjustable arm and chest straps for

great fit

• Fits riders from 54 to 109kgs


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